Hip Wedding Photography

Creative. Sincere. Candid. For Hip Wedding Photography, collaboration is everything. Photographers Barry Calhoun and Julian Kenchenten, the creative team behind Hip, operate under a simple mantra - create beautiful, original, sincere and stylistic images, unique to each individual couple.  


Barry Calhoun

Barry Calhoun will be your new best friend. He is one easy-going, fun and original guy. Not only is he a critically acclaimed Photographer, he is also great with children, loves dogs and can be seen on a snowboard. Often. 


Julian Kenchenten

Julian Kenchenten is about as charismatic and comedic as they get. A true creative visionary, Julian’s accolades in film and photography comprise a long list, and are a great conversation starter. Julian lives for travel, surfing and music. He is also a great dancer.